Home Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your home and appliances is very important for some reasons. Failure to do this can lead to unwanted consequences, including gas leaks, water spillage, and blocked toilets, among other things. Having some basic knowledge on how to maintain your home is associated with many advantages, including saving on maintenance costs. The following are some important home maintenance tips that you need to know.

Some Home Maintenance Tips


Gutters should ideally be thoroughly cleaned once a year by physically removing all the accumulated debris from the channels and rinsing them with clean water. Failure to keep your gutters clean leaves them unable to play their role of capturing water and debris runoff from the roof, which is meant to divert it away from the foundation of your house. Poor maintenance of gutters causes water to accumulate in the basement.

Also, you need to regularly check whether the gutters are properly affixed to the fascia boards. Should you notice any leaking or damaged sections, ensure that they replace.

Air Conditioning

Failure to carry out regular maintenance to your air conditioner can lead to expensive repairs once it breaks down. It is, therefore, important to inspect the condensation hose from time to time to make sure that water is always flowing freely from the line. Also, never allow water that drains from the condensation line to accumulate and form a pool. If you notice this, you need to create a drainage path and line it with gravel to prevent the formation of algae and mold, which can lead to problems.


Keeping the water flowing freely through your pipes is very important. To ensure this happens, do the following. Never pour fats and oils down your drains to avoid clogging the pipes.

Air Filters

It is also important to change the air filters in the central heating and air unit from time to time. This is especially important during the peak usage season. For the high season, ensure that you change the air filters every two weeks. Also, you should never allow an air filter to remain unchanged for more than 30 days, even when the usage of the unit is very low.


When it comes to refrigerators, your main concern should be on the door seals. Essentially, keeping them tight is known to help reduce the amount of energy required to keep your food frozen. It also helps keep the refrigerator working more efficiently, thus reducing fast wear and tear of internal parts.


Checking your roof regularly for damages is also very important. Particularly, check for damaged, gravel-less, and discolored shingles and have them replaced immediately to avoid replacing the whole roof, drywall, or water- damaged trusses due to a leakage. Try to focus more on shingles that surround the chimneys, vents, and skylights, since they are more prone to leakages.


Always check for water leaks from the toilet tatoiletsnk because it can cause a lot of water damage to the bathroom floor as well as premature wear and tear of the toilet’s internal workings. You can easily check for leaks in the toilet tank just by adding some red food coloring to the water it. If you find the water in the toilet bowl has turned pink in color after about one hour, it shows the presence of a leak.