Choosing The Right Bushcraft Knife

Knives have come a long way ever since their first existence. Right from the very beginning, their usefulness has never been doubted, and the design has been taken a notch higher just to improve the functionality status. To be specific, bushcraft knives are a rare type of the sharp-edged steel tools and not too many people even know anything about their existence. The only ones in full knowledge of this tool and how to handle it are those that live in the wild and depend on it entirely for their survival. If you plan on going for an expedition or hiking in the wilderness, you may want to read on to find out why a bushcraft knife should be among your possessions and should never be let out of your sight.

How to choose the right bushcraft knife

bushcraft knifeIt is a common misguided perception that bushcraft knives are only handled by men as they stand for everything that spells out toughness. What better way to show their masculinity than to have a bushcraft knife safely tucked in its sheath on their belts? I say it’s a misguided notion because these days, even the ladies have mastered the art of self-defense and fending for themselves in the wild.

A natural knows the right bushcraft knife just by looking at it, but for the sake of the newcomers, we shall see how best to choose the best bushcraft knife. First of all, your ideal bushcraft knife must be made of pure and authentic steel to cater for the sharpening aspect of it. Carbon steel makes it a lot easier to sharpen because when you come across a dry rock, chances of you enjoying using your knife are high.

The handle should not pass you by when shopping for a bushcraft knife. You need to have a firm grip on your knife, especially when in use.

Choose a bushcraft knife that is best for you

You don’t always have to settle for what everyone else is using. Now that you know what there is to know about a bushcraft knife, you shouldn’t have any problems choosing the one that best suits your personality.

If you are the kind that loves adventure and trying out new things that look and sound mysterious for everyone else, there is one tailored just for you.

Care of your bushcraft knife

knifeThe journey continues. We are well aware what a bushcraft knife is, how to choose the right one and now we shall see how best to take care of your new found companion and tool.

Since it is made of steel, make sure you take the right steps in ensuring it is not infested by the elements of rust, are taken. Keep it away from moist places just so the steel maintains its stainlessness. I am not saying it should not be cleaned, cleaning your knife should be mandatory so as to rid it of all germs harbored on its surface. Clean it for the next time you will need to use it. When you are through cleaning it, dry it using a clean piece of cloth.

Ensure it is always safely stored away in its sheath when not in use so as to prevent accidents.

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