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music performanceMusicians are tasked with a considerable number of expectations. One of them is delivering an exceptional performance on stage. Singing is one thing, but commanding the crowd’s attention while on stage is another. Today’s music industry is not only in need of talent, but skill as well. Successful musicians in the past have managed to stay at the top mainly because of their on-stage skills. For instance Kevin Lyman’s 2009 warped tour is remembered as the longest-running-traveling music festival in America.  With the right tips and constant practice, you too can make a name for yourself. These are some useful tips on how to deliver a good music performance. You can try them out and see how far they’ll take you.

Utilize the space on stage effectively

I’m pretty sure none of us has ever attended a concert where the artist was grounded on one position. Don’t be shy to move around. This will make your performance more engaging. Connect and engage with the audience. You can do this by focusing your movements at the front of the stage. This will enable you to maintain eye contact with your audience. Looking away from the audience means that you’re not enjoying your performance. You’ll end up giving a dull performance.

Connect with the audience

Two words; Body language. It is communication without words. While on stage, you should be able to communicate with your body effectively. Your body language should go in line with the song you’re performing. In other words, the song you’re performing should be expressed by the way you move your body. A lively song should be accompanied by rapid but sequential body movement. Songs with deep emotions should have slow movement and a serious face. If possible, don’t hold back the tears. Give the audience what they came for.

Leave a lasting impression

This should be applied from the start of your performance up to the end. If you’ve not been announced, be sure to make yourself known to the audience. Your overall image matters as well. Put on clothes (or costumes) befitting the performance. It doesn’t have to be the latest fashion trend, but anything that puts you ahead of others. Once your performance comes to an end, don’t forget to thank the performance

The microphone should be your assistant

How you hold it and how you use it matters a great deal. If you’re performing an upbeat song, it’s best you have it fixed to a headset. Once in a while, direct it to your audience. This will let them in on your performance and make them feel included as well.

Don’t be the only one on stage

This doesn’t have to be the case, but it makes the performance interesting. It’s an enthralling experience to watch an artist dancing in-sync with his/her dance crew. It proves that you can not only sing but dance as well. However, be careful not to dance too much and forget that you’re also singing. Take breaths once in a while. You can focus on this during rehearsal. If you can’t dance, not to worry. You can leave that to your audience while you do what you do best, sing your heart out. Just be sure to leave your fans with a performance they will never forget.